Estudios sobre Educación (Jun 2012)

Diversity, Parent Involvement and Quality Education: Needs and Possibilities of Homeschooling

  • María Ángeles Sotés Elizalde,
  • Carme Urpí,
  • María del Coro Molinos Tejada

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22
pp. 55 – 72


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The article analyses some particular aspects of homeschooling as they relate to the manner in which this practice is regarded both in Spain and several other countries. As time goes by, advancements in homeschooling and this fact leads us to point out the motivations that prompt families to choose this alternate modality. In this sense a high level of parental engagement in the education of their children is noted, a fact naturally associated with a challenge: that of the quality of education, also shared by conventional schooling. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have contributed to the development of innovative methodologies serving both the conventional school and homeschooling and, thus, opening the path for new formulae of educational innovation and for the blending of both modalities.