Metalurgija (Jan 2015)

Strength of briquettes made of Cu concentrate and carbon-bearing materials

  • B. Oleksiak,
  • M. Kozioł,
  • J. Wieczorek,
  • M. Krupa,
  • P. Folęga

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 54, no. 1
pp. 95 – 97


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In the present paper, results of the research on application of residual fine-grained, carbon-bearing materials as coke substitutes in the shaft process of copper matter smelting are discussed. The addition was introduced into the charge as a component of concentrate-made briquettes, then, its effects on properties of the obtained briquettes were analysed for their compressive and drop strengths. The results of investigations confirmed the potential use of proposed alternative fuels (as briquette components) in the process of copper matte smelting.