Managing patient deterioration: a protocol for enhancing undergraduate nursing students’ competence through web-based simulation and feedback techniques

BMC Nursing. 2012;11(1):18 DOI 10.1186/1472-6955-11-18


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Cooper Simon
Beauchamp Alison
Bogossian Fiona
Bucknall Tracey
Cant Robyn
DeVries Brett
Endacott Ruth
Forbes Helen
Hill Robyn
Kinsman Leigh
Kain Victoria J
McKenna Lisa
Porter Jo
Phillips Nicole
Young Susan


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<p>Abstract</p> <p>Aims</p> <p>To describe a funded proposal for the development of an on-line evidence based educational program for the management of deteriorating patients.</p> <p>Background</p> <p>There are international concerns regarding the management of deteriorating patients with issues around the ‘failure to rescue’. The primary response to these issues has been the development of medical emergency teams with little focus on the education of primary first responders.</p> <p>Design/Methods</p> <p>A mixed methods triangulated convergent design.</p> <p>In this four phase proposal we plan to 1. examine nursing student team ability to manage deteriorating patients and based upon these findings 2. develop web based educational material, including interactive scenarios. This educational material will be tested and refined in the third Phase 3, prior to evaluation and dissemination in the final phase.</p> <p>Conclusion</p> <p>This project aims to enhance knowledge development for the management of deteriorating patients through rigorous assessment of team performance and to produce a contemporary evidence-based online training program.</p>