International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021-02-01)

Expression of Lymphatic Markers in the Berger’s Space and Bursa Premacularis

  • Seita Morishita,
  • Takaki Sato,
  • Shou Oosuka,
  • Taeko Horie,
  • Teruyo Kida,
  • Hidehiro Oku,
  • Kimitoshi Nakamura,
  • Shinji Takai,
  • Denan Jin,
  • Tsunehiko Ikeda

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 2086
p. 2086


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We previously reported that the bursa premacularis (BPM), a peculiar vitreous structure located above the macula, contains numerous cells expressing markers of lymphatic endothelial cells, such as podoplanin and LYVE-1. Herein, we examined the expression of lymphatic markers in the Berger’s space (BS), BPM, and vitreous core (VC). BS, BPM, and VC specimens were selectively collected in macular hole and epiretinal membrane patients during vitrectomy and were then immunostained with antibodies for podoplanin, LYVE-1, and fibrillin-1 and -2. By visualization using triamcinolone acetonide, the BS was recognized as a sac-like structure with a septum located behind the lens as well as BPM. Those tissues adhered to the lens or retina in a circular manner by means of a ligament-like structure. Immunostaining showed intense expression of podoplanin and LYVE-1 in the BS. Both BS and BPM stained strongly positive for fibrillin-1 and -2. The VC was faintly stained with antibodies for those lymph-node markers. Our findings indicate that both BS and BPM possibly belong to the lymphatic system, such as lymph nodes, draining excess fluid and waste products into lymphatic vessels in the dura mater of the optic nerve and the ciliary body, respectively, via intravitreal canals.