Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica (Aug 2018)

An Augmented Geographic Environment for Geo-process Visualization-A Case of Crowd Evacuation Simulation

  • GONG Jianhua,
  • LI Wenhang,
  • ZHANG Guoyong,
  • SHEN Shen,
  • HUANG Lin,
  • SUN Jun

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 47, no. 8
pp. 1089 – 1097


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Combining with the development of augmented reality (AR) technology,this paper proposed a conceptual framework about augmented geographic environment (AGE) based on the development of virtual geographic environments (VGE).Key computing and visualization technologies of the fusion of virtual geographic process and 3D printing realistic model,including the coordinate matching technology of virtual geospatial space and real geographical space and the technology of occlusion processing,are investigated.In the case of crowd evacuation,we implemented a prototype system for crowd evacuation simulation based on the AGE.Then we proved the novelty of the AGE by systematic testing and document investigation.We believe that the AGE is one of the future development of VGE.