Sensors & Transducers (May 2014)

Optimization of Three-stage Electromagnetic Coil Launcher

  • Yujiao Zhang,
  • Weinan Qin,
  • Junpeng Liao,
  • Jiangjun Ruan,
  • Tao Huang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 171, no. 5
pp. 121 – 127


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For the design of three-stage electromagnetic coilgun, many parameters and their relations must be considered at the same time. However, there is no complete mathematical model to describe the relationship between these parameters and energy conversion efficiency of the coil launcher system. In this paper, using orthogonal test approach we consider the influence of 11 parameters to improve the energy conversion efficiency of a three-stage coilgun. Moreover, for the 11 parameters, another three neighboring values of the actual value are considered. According to the different 64 simulations arranged by orthogonal test approach, the 64 groups of muzzle velocity calculated by circuit equations can be analyzed to obtain a better parameters’ combination. For the solution of circuit simulations, an improved current filament method is proposed. To validate the optimal design, we manufacture the prototype and the improved one. The experimental results indicate that the optimal design method is effective.