European Journal of Entomology (Apr 2006)

Morphological separation of Tomicus piniperda and T. destruens (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae): new and old characters

  • Massimo FACCOLI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 103, no. 2
pp. 433 – 442


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Tomicus piniperda and T. destruens are sibling species which are extremely difficult to separate by morphological characters. Although several papers report differences between the two species, many characters need confirmation or better description. Moreover, new morphological characters are required for correct species determination. For these purposes, eight populations of T. destruens from Italy, Greece, Spain and Algeria, and ten of T. piniperda from Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden and Italy, were investigated considering eleven morphological characters. The morphological differences most useful for the species separation include four previously described characters (colour of the elytra, colour of the antennal club, distribution of the antennal setae, distribution of the punctures along the elytral declivity), and four new characters (body proportions, setation of the first antennal club suture, sculpture of the elytral declivity and striae density of the pars stridens). Distribution of the two species is discussed and an illustrated key is included.