A Study Regarding the Efficiency of the Electromagnetic Induction Thermal Treatment Process Depending to the Work Frequency

Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 2011;4(1):109-112


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Journal Title: Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Publisher: Editura Universităţii din Oradea

Society/Institution:  University of Oradea, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering

Country of publisher: Romania

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LEUCA Teodor
NAGY Stefan


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The paper is focused on the induction heating for thermal treatments to make more efficient this process, using the numerical simulation. In the first part we analyze the parameters that can changethe dept penetration of the electromagnetic field in the hardened piece. The frequency of the electromagnetic field can be imposed, and by this parameter we can control the hardened layer in piece. In second part of the paper, is presented the numerical simulation in 1Dfor the induction heating process for hardening. The results obtained are helping the designer and the enduser to choose the best configuration of the induction heating and cooling systems that fulfils the most stringent requirements needed for hardened piece.