Realtime multiprocessor for mobile ad hoc networks

Advances in Radio Science. 2008;6:239-243


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Journal Title: Advances in Radio Science

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Publisher: Copernicus Publications

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T. Jungeblut
M. Grünewald
M. Porrmann
U. Rückert


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This paper introduces a real-time Multiprocessor System-On-Chip (MPSoC) for low power wireless applications. The multiprocessor is based on eight 32bit RISC processors that are connected via an Network-On-Chip (NoC). The NoC follows a novel approach with guaranteed bandwidth to the application that meets hard realtime requirements. At a clock frequency of 100 MHz the total power consumption of the MPSoC that has been fabricated in 180 nm UMC standard cell technology is 772 mW.