Detection of transient disturbing signals on PC boards

Advances in Radio Science. 2008;6:279-284


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Journal Title: Advances in Radio Science

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Publisher: Copernicus Publications

Society/Institution: U.R.S.I. Landesausschuss in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.

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S. Korte
O. Döring
H. Garbe


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This paper shows a possibility to visualize signal propagation in electronic circuits. Instead of using various galvanic measurement points all over the circuit, a test method is shown which measures the radiated field of the printed circuit board. By use of a 2-dimensional positionable field probe it is possible to get an overview over the signals running on the different parts of the PCB. In order to measure transient disturbing signals and distinguish them from normal device operation, problems of probe design and triggering need to be discussed.