Implementation of Order-wire Functionality in IRITEL NG-SDH devices

Telfor Journal. 2011;3(1):28-32


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Journal Title: Telfor Journal

ISSN: 1821-3251 (Print); 2334-9905 (Online)

Publisher: Telecommunications Society, Academic Mind

Society/Institution: Telecommunications Society

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering: Telecommunication

Country of publisher: Serbia

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D. Katanić
M. Ilić
P. Knežević
P. Mićović
S. Crnobrnja


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This paper describes the implementation of order-wire functionality in NG-SDH devices ODS2G5 and OTS622 IRITEL. The paper also describes the operation of order-wire in networks with arbitrary topologies, as well as the configuration of order-wire functionality by using network management software SUNCE. The presented solution for order-wire functionality is compared with VoIP solutions. The paper shows that the presented solution provides fast reaction to network failures, while keeping the implementation simple.