Communications Biology (Jun 2021)

Exploring the evidence for epigenetic regulation of environmental influences on child health across generations

  • Carrie V. Breton,
  • Remy Landon,
  • Linda G. Kahn,
  • Michelle Bosquet Enlow,
  • Alicia K. Peterson,
  • Theresa Bastain,
  • Joseph Braun,
  • Sarah S. Comstock,
  • Cristiane S. Duarte,
  • Alison Hipwell,
  • Hong Ji,
  • Janine M. LaSalle,
  • Rachel L. Miller,
  • Rashelle Musci,
  • Jonathan Posner,
  • Rebecca Schmidt,
  • Shakira F. Suglia,
  • Irene Tung,
  • Daniel Weisenberger,
  • Yeyi Zhu,
  • Rebecca Fry

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 1 – 15


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Carrie Breton and colleagues review the literature supporting evidence for transgenerational health effects of environmental exposures by epigenetic mechanisms. This Review summarizes current knowledge based on animal and human cohort studies, and discusses the ethical, legal, and social implications of epigenetic research in humans