Inductance, electrically adjusted by semiconductor structure

Tekhnologiya i Konstruirovanie v Elektronnoi Apparature. 2012;(4):35-38


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Journal Title: Tekhnologiya i Konstruirovanie v Elektronnoi Apparature

ISSN: 2225-5818 (Print); 2309-9992 (Online)

Publisher: Politehperiodika

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering

Country of publisher: Ukraine

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Semenov А. А.
Usanov D. A.
Kolokin A. A.


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A theoretical model of a passive flat inductor with electronic control is offered. Design charts of tank inductance and Q factor dependence on the forward bias voltage of n—i—p—i—n-structure, used as a specific core, the characteristics of which are regulated under the influence of an applied electric field, are presented. The comparison of design values with experimental features has shown their good correspondence with each other.