Perfiles Latinoamericanos (2004-12-01)

¿Un atajo al Paraíso?* Un análisis de la construcción epistemológica del modelo ‘bietápico’ de las reformas estructurales

  • Dante Avaro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 25
pp. 169 – 215


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On the basis of the so called Washington Consensus, different “consensus” ensued, such as that of SanPablo, Santiago de Chile, and the cycle came to a close in 2001 with the lesser known Disensus of Washington. At different stages of the Washington Consensus, an analytical, ideographic and practical link was posed between first, second and third generation reforms. This paper tries to understand the relationship between first and second generation reforms under the heading of the two–stage model. Its main thesis is that there is an ideographic and logical coherence between the two generations of reform, although an insufficient epistemological construct prevails, which allows questioning the continuity between the two points in the two–stage model.