Alle origini del sistema di Welfare moderno. La protezione dell’infanzia in Italia tra XIX e XX secolo

Storicamente. 2016;12(1) DOI 10.12977/stor641


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Journal Title: Storicamente

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Elena Musiani (Univ. Bologna, Dip. di Scienze Dell'Educazione, Via Filippo Re 6, 40126, Bologna, Italy)


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During the nineteenth century, in a society that saw the woman solely as wife and mother, various leading women were able to carve out a new role for their sex: that of educators of the younger generations. This role, described as “societally maternal”, presaged both the first emancipation movements and practical feminism and can, however, be seen as an primary form of social welfare typical of the twentieth century. The paper will attempt to address this development through comparative means.