CFD Analysis for Optimum Thermal Design of Carbon Nanotube Based Micro-Channel Heatsink

Engineering Journal. 2011;15(4):11-22 DOI 10.4186/ej.2011.15.4.11


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Journal Title: Engineering Journal

ISSN: 0125-8281 (Print)

Publisher: Chulalongkorn University

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)

Country of publisher: Thailand

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M. Mahbub
Farhad Ismail
A. I. Rashid


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Carbon nanotube (CNT) is considered as an ideal material for thermal management in electronic packaging because of its extraordinary high thermal conductivity. Fabricated onto a silicon substrate to form micro-channels, the CNT based cooling fins show high heat dissipation efficiency. A series of 2D and 3D CFD simulations have been carried out for CNT based micro-channel cooling architectures based on one and two dimensional fin array in this paper using COMSOL 4.0a software. Micro-channels are generally regarded as an effective method for the heat transfer in electronic products. The influence of various fluids, micro-fin structures, fluid velocity and heating powers on cooling effects have been simulated and compared in this study. Steady-state thermal stress analyses for the forced convection heat transfer are also performed to determine maximum allowable stress and deflections for the different types of cooling assembly.