The analysis of education and functional professional training in Slovenian librarianship

Knjižnica. 1998;42(4):73-103


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Journal Title: Knjižnica

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Publisher: Zveza Bibliotekarskih Društev Slovenije, Narodna in Univerzitetna Knjižnica

Society/Institution: Slovenian Library Association

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Country of publisher: Slovenia

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Jelka Gazvoda


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The article brings a critical analyis of educational possibilities, offered on one side by the graduate study of librarianship at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Ljubljana, and on the otherby non-formal functional professional trainingcarried out by NUK and IZUM. Educational programmes are analysed from the point of modem trends in developing library professions and possiblities for the development of human resources. The results of the analysis have revealed that the programme of graduate study at the Department of Librarianship, inspite of the fact that it contains some new and very useful knowledge, prepares the students only for the beginning of the work in a library, much in the same way as the programmes of functional professional training in NUK and IZUM prepare participants for the beginning of the work in a library and its automated system.Obviously there is considerate lack of training in user-oriented services, management skills and use of personal computers, which hinder human resources and career development. To achieve an acceptable level of continuing education programmes at various career stages it is necessary to increase investments in human resources thus enabling them to undertake training in the previously mentioned areas.