Analýza působení Aliance nového občana ve slovenské politice

Central European Political Studies Review. 2006;8(4):413-430


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Journal Title: Central European Political Studies Review

ISSN: 1213-2691 (Print); 1212-7817 (Online)

Publisher: Masaryk University

Society/Institution: International Institute of Political Science

LCC Subject Category: Political science: Political theory

Country of publisher: Czech Republic

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Lubomír Kopeček


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The article deals with political trajectories of New Civic Alliance (ANO) in Slovakia. This liberal formation was founded by a media tycoon Pavol Rusko. Besides Rusko, the leadership of ANO includes several well-known personalities from sport, media, cultural and economic fields. In the September 2002 elections the Alliance received prominent support from Rusko’s media and secured 8 % of the votes. After the elections ANO became a member of the right-centre government coalition headed by Mikuláš Dzurinda. The relationships between ANO and other coalition partners were full of conflicts. In Autumn 2005 a big financial scandal affected the chairman Pavol Rusko, the party broke up and went to opposition. In the elections in 2006, the party gained only 1.4 % of the votes. The article tries to explain what the organisation model ANO was like and why its „life” was so short.