BIO Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

The technology of curd cake with sucralose: a infrared spectroscopy analysis

  • Aksonova Olena,
  • Gubsky Sergey,
  • Torianik Dmitry,
  • Evlash Victoria

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 30
p. 01001


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The article presents the results of developing technology for the production of curd cake using a low-calorie sweetener sucralose. The implementation of this direction in the form of a partial replacement in the sugar formulation for effective sweeteners sucralose is proposed. As a prototype, a sugar-based recipe was used, in which a partial replacement (at the level of 50%) of sugar with sucrose was carried out. Sucralose was formulated as the commercial sweetener TM Splenda, which contains maltodextrin and sucralose. All samples, including the control on sugar, were subjected to organoleptic evaluation, which showed the absence of extraneous flavors in all samples and their similarity in terms of sweetness compared to control. IR spectra of the sweetener, curd cake with sugar, as well as curd cakes with 50% and 100% sugar substitution for sweetener were obtained and analyzed. The analysis showed the presence of identical characteristic bands on the spectra of the sweetener and samples of sucralose cakes, which suggests that the sweetener TM Splenda does not undergo thermal degradation when baking curd cake. However, the literature analysis indicates the danger of the formation of toxic gaseous substances that are obtained during the thermal treatment of products with sucralose.