EPJ Web of Conferences (2016-01-01)

Numerical models and experiment of air flow in a simulation box for optical wireless communications

  • Latal Jan,
  • Hajek Lukas,
  • Bojko Marian,
  • Vitasek Jan,
  • Koudelka Petr,
  • Kepak Stanislav,
  • Vanderka Ales,
  • Vasinek Vladimir

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 114
p. 02065


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In this article, the authors focused on real measurements of mechanical turbulence generated by ventilators in the simulation box for Optical Wireless Communications. The mechanical turbulences disturb the optical beam that propagates along the central axis of the simulation box. The aim of authors is to show the effect of mechanical turbulence on optical beams at different heights in the simulation box. In the Ansys Fluent, we created numerical models which were then compared with real measurements. Authors compared the real and numerical models according to statistical methods.