Nonlinear dynamics and control strategies: On a energy harvester vibrating system with a linear form to non-ideal motor torquet

MATEC Web of Conferences. 2012;1:08003 DOI 10.1051/matecconf/20120108003


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de Pontes B. R.
Tusset A. M.
Felix J.L.P.
Balthazar J. M.
Iliuk I.


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In this paper, we deal with the research of a vibrating model of an energy harvester device, including the nonlinearities in the model of the piezoelectric coupling and the non-ideal excitation. We show, using numerical simulations, in the analysis of the dynamic responses, that the harvested power is influenced by non-linear vibrations of the structure. Chaotic behavior was also observed, causing of the loss of energy throughout the simulation time. Using a perturbation technique, we find an approximate analytical solution for the non-ideal system. Then, we apply both two control techniques, to keep the considered system, into a stable condition. Both the State Dependent Ricatti Equation (SDRE) control as the feedback control by changing the energy of the oscillator, were efficient in controlling of the considered non-ideal system.