Chemical Engineering Transactions (Jun 2022)

A Comprehensive Approach to Establish the Impact of Worksites Air Emissions

  • Marco Barozzi,
  • Carmelo Dimauro,
  • Martina Silvia Scotton,
  • Sabrina Copelli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 91


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Worksite activities are time-limited events associated with continuous releases of airborne pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and NOx, and they impact potentially vast areas. The side-effects on the environment can be severe, and they are subject of literature studies, with the final aim of proposing solutions that may improve the management of air emissions. No general assessment method or approach is yet available to estimate their effects on the environment and workers’ health. In this work, a general procedure that can be potentially applied to every type of worksite is proposed (i.e., construction sites, upgrading of chemical plants, road sites, etc..). The approach involves a detailed assessment of emissions and their expected pollutant concentrations. A dedicated mathematical model has been defined to assess pollutant emissions over time, consistent with all the different phases of foreseen activities. Emissions are defined on base of the GANTT descriptions of the activities and air pollutant dispersion is simulated with a dedicated model. Finally, the obtained results are evaluated against air quality thresholds as defined by laws and conditioning the human health risks for workers and citizens potentially exposed to pollutants. Keywords: Atmospheric pollution, CALPUFF, Environmental impact, Work