Bulletin of the Mineral Research and Exploration (Aug 1960)

The Palynological Investigation of Carboniferous Coal Measures In the Amasra Basin

  • Yaşar ERGÖNÜL

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 55


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In the field of modern coal geology and palaeontology systematic studies of isolated fossil spores constitute a relatively new phase of paleobotanical research. In this paper, the content of the Megaspores in the paleophytogenetic material has been investigated. All the coal samples of this study were collected from the coal borings executed by the M. T. A. Institute in the Amasra district dining the year 1959-1960. For the maceration of the Amasra coal samples, Schultze's and Zetzsche's methods were applied. Our new Megaspore species described here are based on the morphological study. These species are referred to spore genera as defined by Potonie and Kremp (1954) and Bhardwaj (1955). As a result of this palynological study, one new genus and 14 new species have been discovered, described and stratigraphically evaluated.