A Study on the Storage Reliability of LSINS Based on Step-stress Accelerated Life Test

MATEC Web of Conferences. 2015;22:02031 DOI 10.1051/matecconf/20152202031


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Teng Fei (School of Mathematics and Statistics, Beijing Institute of Technology)
Liu Yuanyuan (Century Finance International Investment Advisory (Beijing))
Huang Baosheng (School of Mathematics and Statistics, Beijing Institute of Technology)


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Based on the step-stress accelerated life test and the laser strap-down inertial navigation system, this paper studies the accelerated life model and the test method, provides the likelihood function, the likelihood equation and the two-order derivative when the stress level is k, evaluates the effectiveness of the method with the simulation test model established by MATLAB, applies the research findings in the storage reliability study of the XX laser strap-down inertial navigation system, and puts forward an effective evaluation method of the storage life of the inertial navigation system.