Sediment Analysis Using a Structured Programming Approach

TecnoLógicas. 2012;29:49-67


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Journal Title: TecnoLógicas

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Publisher: Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano

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Country of publisher: Colombia

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Daniela Arias-Madrid
Oscar A. López-Paz
Jovani A. Jiménez-Builes


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This paper presents an algorithm designed for the analysis of a sedimentary sample of unconsolidated material and seeks to identify very quickly the main features that occur in a sediment and thus classify them fast and efficiently. For this purpose, it requires that the weight of each particle size to be entered in the program and using the method of Moments, which is based on four equations representing the mean, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis, is found the attributes of the sample in few seconds. With the program these calculations are performed in an effective and more accurately way, obtaining also the explanations of the results of the features such as grain size, sorting, symmetry and origin, which helps to improve the study of sediments and in general the study of sedimentary rocks.