High Temperature Materials and Processes (Apr 2021)

Preparation and cutting performance of nano-scaled Al2O3-coated micro-textured cutting tool prepared by atomic layer deposition

  • Tang Siwen,
  • Liu Pengfei,
  • Su Zhen,
  • Lei Yu,
  • Liu Qian,
  • Liu Deshun

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40, no. 1
pp. 77 – 86


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Al2O3 nano-scaled coating was prepared on micro-textured YT5 cemented carbide cutting tools by atomic layer deposition ALD. The effect of Al2O3 nano-scaled coating, with and without combined action of texture, on the cutting performance was studied by orthogonal cutting test. The results were compared with micro-textured cutting tool and YT5 cutting tool. They show that the micro-texture and nano-scaled Al2O3 coated on the micro-texture both can reduce the cutting force and friction coefficient of the tool, and the tools with nano-scaled Al2O3 coated on the micro-texture are more efficient. Furthermore, the friction coefficient of the 100 nm Al2O3-coated micro-texture tool is relatively low. When the distance of the micro-pits is 0.15 mm, the friction coefficient is lowest among the four kinds of pit textured nanometer coating tools. The friction coefficient is the lowest when the direction of the groove in strip textured nanometer coating tool is perpendicular to the main cutting edge. The main mechanism of the nanometer Al2O3 on the micro-textured tool to reduction in cutting force and the friction coefficient is discussed. These results show that the developed tools effectively decrease the cutting force and friction coefficient of tool–chip interface.