Diagnostics (Jul 2021)

Experimental Validation of a Microwave System for Brain Stroke 3-D Imaging

  • David O. Rodriguez-Duarte,
  • Jorge A. Tobon Vasquez,
  • Rosa Scapaticci,
  • Giovanna Turvani,
  • Marta Cavagnaro,
  • Mario R. Casu,
  • Lorenzo Crocco,
  • Francesca Vipiana

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1232
p. 1232


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This paper experimentally validates the capability of a microwave prototype device to localize hemorrhages and ischemias within the brain as well as proposes an innovative calibration technique based on the measured data. In the reported experiments, a 3-D human-like head phantom is considered, where the brain is represented either with a homogeneous liquid mimicking brain dielectric properties or with ex vivo calf brains. The microwave imaging (MWI) system works at 1 GHz, and it is realized with a low-complexity architecture formed by an array of twenty-four printed monopole antennas. Each antenna is embedded into the “brick” of a semi-flexible dielectric matching medium, and it is positioned conformal to the head upper part. The imaging algorithm exploits a differential approach and provides 3-D images of the brain region. It employs the singular value decomposition of the discretized scattering operator obtained via accurate numerical models. The MWI system analysis shows promising reconstruction results and extends the device validation.