Materials (Sep 2022)

On-Line Core Losses Determination in ACSR Conductors for DLR Applications

  • Jordi-Roger Riba,
  • Yuming Liu,
  • Manuel Moreno-Eguilaz,
  • Josep Sanllehí

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 6143
p. 6143


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Dynamic line rating (DLR) is a method that focuses on dynamically determining the maximum allowable current of power lines, while ensuring they operate within safe limits. DLR needs to monitor the temperature and current of the line in real-time, as well as the weather variables in the surroundings of the power line. DLR approaches also require determining the AC resistance of the power line conductors, which is a key parameter that enables it to determine Joule and core losses. This paper presents an approach for an on-line alternating current (AC) resistance estimation of aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) conductors to determine the DLR capability of such conductors from real-time conductor and meteorological parameter measurements. For this purpose, conductors with one, two and three layers of aluminum strands are analyzed in detail. Based on the experimental results presented in this paper, two possible approaches are proposed.