Influence of removal time and particle size on the particle substrate adhesion force

Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2008;25(1):71-82 DOI 10.1590/S0104-66322008000100009


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Journal Title: Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering

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Publisher: Brazilian Society of Chemical Engineering

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M. A. Felicetti
F. Piantino
J. R. Coury
M. L. Aguiar


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An investigation was conducted on influence of removal time on the particle substrate adhesive force. The centrifuge technique was used to determine the adhesion force at different compression and removal rates. A microcentrifuge with a maximum rotation of 14000 rpm was used to both compress upon particles and remove them from the surface of the substrate. An image analysis program (Image-Pro Plus 4.5) was employed to monitor the number of particles adhering to and removed from the surface of the substrate after each increase in angular speed. The influence of removal time on the adhesion force was investigated, using removal times of 1, 3 and 5 minutes, which indicated that removal time does not interfere with the adhesion force within the diameter range analyzed here.