Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (Apr 2016)

Solar Thermal Technologies Dynamics and Strategies for Market Creation in Sindh

  • Asif Ali Shah,
  • Arabella Bhutto,
  • Zahid Ali Memon

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35, no. 1
pp. 111 – 120


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In order to sketch Sindh's RE (Renewable Energy) based scenario, it is vital to trace the dynamics of simplest RETs (Renewable Energy Technologies) such as STTs (Solar Thermal Technologies). STTs are simple to operate, easy to maintain and requires low cost of fabrication. Due to these advantages, STTs possess scope for mass market creation in Sindh as can provide alternate energy solutions to meet daily fuel requirements of heating and cooking etc. The paper identifies that the low awareness creates a negative perception about the price and efficiency of these technologies in masses, which can be removed once the awareness increases. This paper consists of survey findings, which traces the trends for STTs utilization in Sindh by testing various hypotheses to identify the suitable tactics required for their market creation. Finally the key policy recommendations are provided at the end.