Microorganisms (Jul 2022)

Analysis of the Diversity of <i>Xylophilus ampelinus</i> Strains Held in CIRM-CFBP Reveals a Strongly Homogenous Species

  • Perrine Portier,
  • Géraldine Taghouti,
  • Paul-Emile Bertrand,
  • Martial Briand,
  • Cécile Dutrieux,
  • Audrey Lathus,
  • Marion Fischer-Le Saux

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 8
p. 1531


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Xylophilus ampelinus is the causal agent of blight and canker on grapevine. Only a few data are available on this species implying that the occurrence of this pathogen may be underestimated, and its actual ecological niche may not be understood. Moreover, its genetic diversity is not well known. To improve our knowledge of this species, an analysis of the complete genome sequences available in NCBI was performed. It appeared that several sequences are misidentified. The complete genome sequence of the type strain was obtained and primers designed in order to sequence gyrB and rpoD genes for the strains held in CIRM-CFBP. The genetic barcoding data were obtained for 93 strains, isolated over 35 years and from several geographical origins. The species revealed to be strongly homogenous, displaying nearly identical sequences for all strains. However, the oldest strains of this collection were isolated in 2001 therefore, a new isolation campaign and epidemiological surveys are necessary, along with the obtention of new complete genome sequences for this species.