Applied Sciences (May 2019)

GIS-Based Solar Radiation Mapping, Site Evaluation, and Potential Assessment: A Review

  • Yosoon Choi,
  • Jangwon Suh,
  • Sung-Min Kim

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 9
p. 1960


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In this study, geographic information system (GIS)-based methods and their applications in solar power system planning and design were reviewed. Three types of GIS-based studies, including those on solar radiation mapping, site evaluation, and potential assessment, were considered to elucidate the role of GISs as problem-solving tools in relation to photovoltaic and concentrated solar power systems for the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The review was performed by classifying previous GIS-based studies into several subtopics according to the complexity of the employed GIS-based methods, the type of solar power conversion technology, or the scale of the study area. Because GISs are appropriate for handling geospatial data related to solar resource and site suitability conditions on various scales, the applications of GIS-based methods in solar power system planning and design could be expanded further.