Cadernos Brasileiros de Terapia Ocupacional (2017-09-01)

Self-healing method as strategy to promote health and rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis in the context of occupational therapy

  • Paula Pozzi Pimentel,
  • Rosé Colom Toldrá

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 3
pp. 565 – 573


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Introduction: Multiple sclerosis is a neurological chronic disease with continuous and differentiated evolution, it demands body self-knowledge for better understanding of preserved capacities, gradual losses and repercussion in the performance of activities and social participation. Objective: To analyze the group experience of the application of physical techniques based on self-healing method for health promotion and rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis, developed by Occupational Therapy. Method: Documental qualitative research referring to written records and audio transcripts of group sessions. Data analysis used the Collective Subject Discourse method. Results: Ten adults with multiple sclerosis, with varying ages and disease times, participated in the therapeutic group. Five participants reported representations and experiences due to the disease and the effect of learning the physical techniques of self-sealing. The benefits include a greater body awareness, decreased symptoms, improved functional capacity and recognition of the need of body practice routine. Conclusion: The therapeutic use of self-healing method demonstrated its applicability to promote the health benefits, rehabilitation, according to health policies. Due to limited literature on the benefits of using the self-healing method indicates the development of new studies.