Studia Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskie (Jan 2016)

Kwestia kapłaństwa kobiet we współczesnym Kościele

  • Justyna Groblewska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23


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Article “Issue of the priesthood of women in contemporary Church “is an attempt of the answer to a question what place of the woman is at the Church in the perspective of aspirations which are occurring in the society and in Christian ties. We will trace justifying of the explicit stance the Church in it so, we will portray the genius of the woman emphasized in documents of John Paul II as well as his proposals briefly for the execution of tasks put by community of the Church for the woman in order next to go to kobntynuacji of this thought at Benedict XVI and his response to the ordination, bishop of women at the Anglican church. We will also analyse the issue of the statute of women at the Protestant church, as well as we will mention feminist demands. We will present the history of holy orders of women at the end to portray the reply of an Orthodox church to demands of aspirations to the priesthood by women briefly.