Verbum et Ecclesia (Aug 1991)

�n Beraad te midde van berade: Die historiese konteks van die Cottesloe-Kerkeberaad herbeoordeel

  • J. W. Hofmeyr

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 2
pp. 242 – 258


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A consultation amongst consultations: The historical context of the Cottesloe Church Consultation reconsidered At the time of writing it happens to be thirty years since the well known Cottesloe Church Consultation took place. On the other hand the November 1990 consultation of a wide variety of South African churches appears strongly in the focal point. In this article the socio-political, ecclesiastical and theological context of the Cottesloe Consultation is reconsidered. Finally some conclusions are drawn as regards the relevance of the Cottesloe Consultation for our times.