Granì (Mar 2014)

Hierarchy of life strategies of modern ukrainian youth (by investigation of the Оrdzhonikidze cities student youth)

  • P. I. Dragoy

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 4
pp. 103 – 107


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Peculiarities of the formation of life strategies of youth in the modern Ukrainian society are regarded in the article. Young people are the force that has a huge potential resource. this is said by various sociological studies. youth is rapidly turned to the active force of socio­economic, political and cultural transformations in certain social situations. This situation can arise only on condition that the young generation especially pupils, adequately prepared for life. Therefore, the study of the essence of youth as a specific socio­demographic community, their nature and characteristics of socialization has great theoretical and practical significance. This allows, on the one hand, to create the conditions for self­development and self­realization of students, on the other ­ to include them in all social processes to the progressive development of society. Life strategies and social practices of the modern youth, as well as other public actors, now is under the influence of processes of social transformation of modern Ukrainian society. Value orientation as an essential element of life strategies occupy an important place among the factors that contribute to the process of social self­determination of students. Youth is often based on a values such as personal growth, love and commitment, interpersonal relations and communication, autonomy, safety and security during constructing a life plan. This was showed by the results of study students life strategies and valuable component. Young people articulate key goals in life their lives and organize their behavior according to these values. In conclusion we can mention that modern student youth focused on their own problems, don’t focused on social problems in constructing their own life strategies. social dynamics of paradigm of life strategies basic directions is carried contradictory and inconsistent.