Educação & Realidade (Sep 2015)

Early Childhood Education at a Hospital School: the construction of school knowledge

  • Vanessa Alvim Kling Ferraz de Carvalho,
  • Antonio Sergio Petrilli,
  • Amalia Neide Covic

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40, no. 4


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This article describes, within the range of school hospital assistance, from an action-research, the process of construction of the relationship with school knowledge by children aged four and five years old, patients in IOP/GRAACC/UNIFESP. This is a critical reflection about the school attendance offered by Escola Móvel/ Aluno Específico (Mobile School/ Specific Student) – EMAE – to kids in the age group corresponding to preschool by doing an analysis of the literacy. As theoretical references, there are contributions from Bakhtin’s theory of enunciation and Charlot’s assumptions about the relationship between knowledge and figures of learning. There were analyzed speeches from 14 teachers about 23 students, recorded between May and December of 2010.