Развитие образования (Sep 2018)

Jihad and gazavat: the concept and relation

  • Fyodor P. Khodeev,
  • Albert K. Isaev

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (1)
pp. 91 – 93


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In the works of Russian writers, touching upon the important and now the theme of the Caucasian war, the word “Gazavat” is used to denote the resistance of Muslims, but the word “Jihad” is not used. The article deals with the emergence and correlation of the concepts of “Jihad” and “Gazavat” on the extensive material. And it is also proved, using the texts of the Koran and hadith, that under Jihad the Prophet understood not terrorist acts, not brutal execution of people, but sublime and noble deeds. The authors, arguing with the well-known concept of J. Friedman, predict, but on other grounds, the turmoil in Asia.