Time Reversibility, Correlation Decay and the Steady State Fluctuation Relation for Dissipation

Entropy. 2013;15(5):1503-1515 DOI 10.3390/e15051503


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Journal Title: Entropy

ISSN: 1099-4300 (Online)

Publisher: MDPI AG

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Denis J. Evans

Lamberto Rondoni

Debra J. Searles

Barbara M. Johnston


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Steady state fluctuation relations for nonequilibrium systems are under intense investigation because of their important practical implications in nanotechnology and biology. However the precise conditions under which they hold need clarification. Using the dissipation function, which is related to the entropy production of linear irreversible thermodynamics, we show time reversibility, ergodic consistency and a recently introduced form of correlation decay, called T-mixing, are sufficient conditions for steady state fluctuation relations to hold. Our results are not restricted to a particular model and show that the steady state fluctuation relation for the dissipation function holds near or far from equilibrium subject to these conditions. The dissipation function thus plays a comparable role in nonequilibrium systems to thermodynamic potentials in equilibrium systems.