Forum: Qualitative Social Research (2009-01-01)

Aesthetic Communication and Intercultural Perspective. A Qualitative Analysis of Aesthetic Perceptions of the Brand "Südtirol/Alto Adige"

  • Vincenzo Bua

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1


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In the qualitative study of mental associations with the brand picture "Südtirol/Alto Adige" different images of the region among German speaking, Italian speaking and bilingually grown up South Tyroleans were analysed. The research interest was focused on the communalities and differences in these associations in order to identify potentially conflicting positions between the two major language groups in Südtirol/Alto Adige. In this paper the method is demonstrated which was used to display and investigate the emotional and cognitive contents of the images to Südtirol/Alto Adige from the point of view of different socio-cultural groups. Additionally selected results connected to the perception of the brand in the multilingual province Südtirol/Alto Adige are shown. Against the background of the outlined study the following questions are dealt with in this article: How is the special design of the brand picture perceived among the different socio-cultural groups in Alto Adige/Südtirol with respect to intercultural communication processes? Which meaning can be attributed to the historical heritage of the language groups in the analysis? URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0901323