Antarctic Record (Nov 2012)

Report on geomorphologic and geodesic field surveys in the Sor Rondane Mountains, Eastern Dronning Maud Land, 2011-2012 (JARE-53)

  • Yusuke Suganuma,
  • Tatsuo Kanamaru,
  • Hisashi Oiwane,
  • Hiroaki Saita,
  • Yukihisa Akada

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 56, no. 3
pp. 381 – 433


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Geomorphologic and geodetic field surveys were carried out in the Sor Rondane Mountains, East Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, during the 2011-2012 summer season as part of the 53rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-53). The field party consisted of three geomorphologists, one geodesist, and one field assistant. The expedition was supported by the Belgian Antarctic Research Expedition (BELARE) and the International Polar Foundation (IPF). Dronning Maud Land Air Network (DROMLAN) provided air transport from Cape Town, South Africa to the Sor Rondane Mountains via Novolazarevskaya Airbase. The survey areas were the central and western parts of the Sor Rondane Mountains. This report summarizes the field expedition in terms of operations, logistics, and weather records.