AIP Advances (Dec 2016)

Tunable dual-wavelength filter and its group delay dispersion in domain-engineered lithium niobate

  • Guang-hao Shao,
  • Jing Song,
  • Ya-ping Ruan,
  • Guo-xin Cui,
  • Yan-qing Lu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 12
pp. 125034 – 125034-7


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A tunable dual-wavelength filter is experimentally demonstrated in domain-engineered lithium niobate. Application of an electric field on the y-surfaces of the sample results in the optical axes rotating clockwise and anticlockwise, which makes selective polarization rotation. The quasi phase-matching wavelengths could be adjusted through suitable domain design. A unique dual valley spectrum is obtained in a periodically poled lithium niobate structure with a central defect if the sample is placed between two parallel polarizers. The expected bandwidth could be varied from ∼1 nm to ∼40 nm. Moreover, both the spectral response and group delay dispersion could be engineered.