Tropicultura (Jan 1987)

Quelques données sur la Zone d'Aru (Ituri, Zaïre)

  • Guissart, A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 19 – 25


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Some data about the zone of Aru (Ituri-Zaire). The area of the High Zaire has been chosen by the Executive Council of Zaire for the seulement in a rural place, of thousands of people from Uganda who escaped from their country. A vast project of the High Commissioner for Refugees has highly contributed to the development of the Aru zone by trying and succeeding to provide an urgent aid and self-sufficiency to the refugees. In this report, there are information about the zone of Aru where most of the achievements of the project were made. We allowed ourselves to add some new elements that might be useful later, to thegreat work lead by Prof. Sys in 1958. The research for a quick self-sufficiency as far as food is concerned obliged ourselves to set up an agricultural calender of the Aru zone. We collected, with the agronoms and some Zairois who were specialized in that matter, some information about the main cultures and about the schedule of the different works in the fields. We found a great help thanks to the advice of some old cultivators of the area.