International Journal of Supply and Operations Management (Feb 2021)

A Two-stage Optimization Model for Tactical Planning in Fresh Fruit Supply Chains: A Case Study of Kullu, India

  • Ashish Trivedi,
  • Ajay Sohal,
  • Sudhanshu Joshi,
  • Manu Sharma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 1
pp. 18 – 28


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In this study, a two-stage mathematical model has been developed that facilitates tactical planning of supply of apples from the various location of farmers to the marketplaces and then to the cold storage facilities. The model enables efficient network planning by finding the most suitable and cost-effective dispatching method operating in multiple stages using a mixed fleet of jeeps and trucks. The model aims to optimize the cost and demand. The paper used a multi-stage model to examine the most effective and efficient route for the supply. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh has been taken as the case location, which is famous as key apple production location in India. The lack of infrastructure in the area poses challenges for the farmers to select a mix of both trucks and jeeps to make their goods available in the market. The present paper attempts to address these issues, facilitating an effective transportation planning of apple produce.