Biomedical Journal (Oct 2019)

Cone-beam computed tomography assessment of Schneiderian membranes: Non-infected and infected membranes, and membrane resolution following tooth extraction: A retrospective clinical trial

  • Yuh-Hau Hsu,
  • Whei-Lin Pan,
  • Chiu-Po Chan,
  • Yi-Ping Pan,
  • Cho-Ying Lin,
  • Yuan-Min Wang,
  • Chi-Ching Chang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 42, no. 5
pp. 328 – 334


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Background: Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) presurgical assessment on the maxillary sinus can reduce the possibility of Schneiderian membrane perforation. This study examined Schneiderian membrane thickness (SMT) and its relationship with neighboring hard tissues for patients with and without membrane thickening. For patients with sinus infections, we evaluated dimensional changes of the SMT post-extraction relative to pre-extraction SMT and residual bone height (RBH). Methods: CBCT images from 93 patients needing single-tooth implant reconstruction without (n = 83) and with (n = 14) odontogenic infected maxillary sinuses were assessed. SMT, RBH, and lateral wall thickness (LWT) were measured. Causes of extraction, RBH in the infection site, and retrospective post-extraction record of SMT were recorded for the thickened SMT group. Results: Mean SMT for normal SMT group was 1.13 ± 0.43 mm, RBH was 6.26 ± 2.38 mm; upper and lower LWT was 1.85 ± 0.95 mm, and 3.07 ± 2.26 mm, respectively. RBH and LWT had no significant relationships with SMT. For thickened SMT group, mean values for SMT and RBH prior to extraction were 4.53 ± 2.46 mm and 1.97 ± 1.43 mm, respectively. Pre-extraction SMT had a moderately negative correlation with pre-extraction RBH. SMT resolution in thickened SMT group was observed by 2.80 ± 1.37 months post-extraction; post-extraction SMT was not significantly different from normal SMT group (p = .187). Conclusions: Within the limitation of the sample size, thickened SMT induced by odontogenic infection subsides about 3 months following tooth extraction, and further sinus lifting implant surgery may be considered. Keywords: Lateral wall thickness, Maxillary sinus, Membrane thickness, Residual bone height, Schneiderian membrane