Atmosphere (Dec 2022)

Testing the Properties of Radon Barrier Materials and Home Ventilation to Mitigate Indoor Radon

  • Manuela Portaro,
  • Paola Tuccimei,
  • Gianfranco Galli,
  • Michele Soligo,
  • Cristina Longoni,
  • Dino Vasquez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 1
p. 15


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Indoor radon is the second cause of lung cancer. Mitigation strategies are based on (i) building protection with radon barrier materials, (ii) increasing home ventilation or (iii) room pressurization. A scale model room created with a porous ignimbrite rich in radon precursors was used as an analogue to test the indoor radon reduction ability of various radon barrier materials in a real room. The properties of these materials were tested with and without room pressurization by introducing outdoor air at different flow rates. The best materials reduced indoor radon up to 80% and, when the highest pressurization was applied, to 93%.