Український радіологічний та онкологічний журнал (2020-09-01)

New requirements to higher medical education under globalization and integration of education

  • О. М. Астап’єва

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28, no. 3
pp. 287 – 293


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Background. Ukraine has settled down to a course of market-oriented economy development focused on a high level of creative activity, education, and intellectual property. In accordance with the up-to-date requirements to higher education development, globalization and integration into the modern world education space, Kharkiv National Medical University (KhNMU) introduces educational programs within the specific specialities; one of the main principles is forming competences in students as their learning outcomes. Purpose – to define a clear idea regarding up-to-date requirements to higher medical education under globalization and integration of education. Materials and methods. Radiology and Radiation Medicine Department of KhNMU has created an educational program (syllabus) of Radiology branch of study for masters in the field of training 22 “Healthcare” intended to switch to the unified European system of credit transfer and to improve the quality of education. Results. An important difference between the syllabus and previous educational programs is listing competences and final learning outcomes, which are presented in the National Qualifications Framework (2011, 2019) and based on European and national standards and principles of ensuring the quality of education with due regard for labor market requirements. Gaining the competences by future employees is introduced in order to harmonize statutory regulations on education and social and labour relations. Mastering the competences will enable students and later graduates of KhNMU to successfully reach their potential in the labor market, provide prospects for further development of a creative personality, favorable conditions for continuous professional enhancement. Conclusions. The current trends in higher education development are globalization through unifying educational programs for students in order to spread the internationalization of higher education, make it fast-evolving as well as integrating higher education in Ukraine to European-wide educational environment.