Phainomena (Sep 2019)

Die Gesichter der Welt. Darstellung einer anthropologischen Kritik der Sinne

  • Marco Russo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28, no. 108-109
pp. 35 – 56


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The Faces of the World. The Presentation of an Anthropological Critique of Senses --- The Die Einheit der Sinne (The Unity of Senses) by Helmuth Plessner is an “Aesthesiology” that is a philosophy of culture upon perceptual and phenomenological grounds. It is even presented by Plessner as a fourth Critique—a Kritik der Sinne (Critique of the Senses)—, as an exploration of that world of concrete praxis, and its articulations in different kind of languages, to which Kant alluded by outlining the different territories of reason and facing the concrete “fulfillment” of categories, but which had never been deepened. The essay therefore exposes the features of the aesthesiology using the Kantian theory of transcendental schematism as a common thread. On this basis, we also show the centrality of aesthesiology in Plessner’s anthropological project.