International Journal Bioautomation (Dec 2010)

Prostate Cancer: Countdown to Choice between Stitch in Time and Eleventh Hour Begins

  • Ammad Ahmad Farooqi,
  • Sadia Rashid

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 4
pp. 271 – 278


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Androgen ablation therapy presumed to be an effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer (PCa) is relentlessly challenged. Remissions are impermanent and patients almost inescapably progress to become castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). CRPC is almost invincible and is the major stumbling block in the treatment. It is a dramatic shift of androgen receptor (AR) from normal activities to the oncogenesis. AR signaling is remarkably increased under an androgen-depleted environment. It utilizes a miscellany of mechanisms and pathways to compensate for the decreasing levels of androgens. These range from mutations in the receptor more like a business tactic to attract more clients, to the illegitimate crosstalks which promote the signaling. The review will encompass various mechanistic insights of the AR manipulations. Moreover efficacy of therapeutic interventions recently designed keeping in view the molecular hierarchy will be evaluated.