Medical Sciences (2020-07-01)

Radiologists’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards CT Radiation Dose and Exposure in Saudi Arabia—A Survey Study

  • Hussain M Almohiy,
  • Khalid Hussein,
  • Mohammed Alqahtani,
  • Elhussaien Elshiekh,
  • Omer Loaz,
  • Azah Alasmari,
  • Mohamed Saad,
  • Mohamed Adam,
  • Emad Mukhtar,
  • Magbool Alelyani,
  • Madshush Alshahrani,
  • Nouf Abuhadi,
  • Ghazi Alshumrani,
  • Alaa Almazzah,
  • Haney Alsleem,
  • Nadiayah Almohiy,
  • Amgad Alrwaili,
  • Mohammad Mahtab Alam,
  • Abdullah Asiri,
  • Mohammed Khalil,
  • Mohammad Rawashdeh,
  • Charbel Saade

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 27
p. 27


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Computed tomography (CT) is a key imaging technique in diagnostic radiology, providing highly sensitive and specific information. While its use has increased dramatically in recent years, the quantity and associated risks of radiation from CT scans present major challenges, particularly in paediatrics. The fundamental principles of radiation protection require that radiation quantities be as low as reasonably achievable and CT use must be justified, particularly for paediatric patients. CT radiation knowledge is a key factor in optimising and minimising radiation risk. The objective of this study was to analyse knowledge level, expertise, and competency regarding CT radiation dose and its hazards in paediatrics among radiologists in Saudi Arabian hospitals. A self-reported, multiple-choice questionnaire assessed the attitudes and opinions of radiologists involved in imaging studies using ionising radiation. Among the total respondents, 65% ± 13.5% had a good comprehension of the dangers of carcinogenicity to the patient resulting from CT scans, with 80% presuming that cancer risks were elevated. However, only 48.5%, 56.5%, and 65% of the respondents were aware of specific radiation risks in head, chest, and abdominal paediatric examinations, respectively. Regular, frequent, and specific training courses are suggested to improve the fundamental knowledge of CT radiation among radiologists and other physicians.